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Some types of accessories for canoes come in handy for you even when you think you might not need them. But when kind of misfortune arrives, it can work wonders for you and leave you thinking, “What if I did not carry it with me today?”

The canoe accessories have been broken down into multiple levels, like compulsory canoe accessories, safety accessories, canoe camping gear accessories, and even optional accessories.

In the blog, we have made a list of all the best canoe accessories you will need for every level and have explained how they can be useful and help you in different situations.

Key Takeaways on accessories for canoes

Is canoe camping gear included in the list – Yes, the list includes the best canoe camping gear. The list is all the essential items you will need on a camp.

What gear should I bring to protect myself from the sun and elements – You should bring a Tilley hat, UV protection sunglasses and sunblock to protect yourself from the sun and its harmful elements.

What items are important for setting up camp during a canoe trip – Essential camp setup items for a canoe trip include tarps for shelter, hammocks for comfort, waterproof bags for gear protection, and a reliable light source for visibility in the dark.

Are there accessories to enhance comfort while canoe camping – Yes, there are accessories to enhance comfort during canoe camping. The accessories for canoes camping include padded seats, kneeling pads for stability, ergonomic yoke pads for carrying, and hammocks for elevated sleeping. These items ensure a more enjoyable experience.

What if I encounter an emergency on the water – In an emergency on the water, having a personal flotation device (life jacket), throw lines for rescue, river knives for cutting entanglements, and emergency communication devices like satellite messengers can ensure safety and swiftly get help.

Compulsory Accessories for Canoes:

Life Jacket (Personal Flotation Device)

A life jacket is a crucial safety item for canoeing. It provides buoyancy to keep you afloat in case your canoe capsizes or encounter rough waters. Its snug fit ensures it remains on your body, allowing you to maintain buoyancy even if you’re injured or unconscious. 

This essential canoeing accessories significantly reduce the risk of drowning, making it a non-negotiable choice for all water activities.

The Stohlquist Edge Personal Flotation Device is an innovative, high-mobility, low-profile boating vest for whitewater, SUP, and wet sailing. It features the WRAPTURE-shaped torso combined with an ultra-small “footprint” and graded sizing for the ultimate fit and comfort.

Spare Paddle

A spare paddle is a vital backup in case your primary paddle breaks or gets lost during the trip. Being stranded without a paddle can leave you helpless on the water. 

Carrying a spare paddle ensures you can continue navigating, maintaining control over your canoe and reaching your destination safely.

The Attwood Emergency Telescoping Paddle is a compact, portable paddle perfect for emergencies. It is made of lightweight aluminium and has a telescoping design that allows it to be easily stored in a small space.

Dehydrated Meals

Dehydrated meals are convenient and lightweight food options for canoe trips. They are essential for sustenance during longer journeys. Their lightweight nature saves space and eliminates the need for refrigeration. 

Carrying dehydrated meals guarantees that you have a reliable energy source to keep you fueled and capable of paddling effectively.

House Beef Stroganoff with Noodles is a dehydrated meal perfect for camping and canoe trips. It is made with real beef, mushrooms, and sour cream sauce and is easy to prepare by adding hot water. The meal is lightweight and has a long shelf life, making it a great option for extended trips.

Dry Bags

Dry bags are essential for keeping your belongings dry and secure. These waterproof containers protect items like canoe clothing, canoeing shoes electronics, and food from getting wet, especially in unexpected rain or accidental capsizing. 

By using dry bags, you ensure that your essentials stay functional and prevent potential discomfort or damage.

The Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag is a roll-top dry compression sack that keeps your gear dry and protected from the elements. It is made of high-quality materials and features a double-stitched, sealed seam for added durability. The bag is available in various sizes and colours to suit your needs.

Canoe Air Bags

Canoe airbags are inflatable devices placed inside the canoe to displace water and enhance buoyancy. They help prevent the canoe from sinking completely in case of a capsize, making it easier to recover and manoeuvre the canoe. 

Canoe airbags aid in maintaining stability and prevent waterlogging, contributing to safer and more controlled navigation.

The Harmony Nylon 3D End Canoe Bag is an airbag that helps keep your canoe afloat in the event of a capsize. It is made of durable nylon and features a 3D shape that fits snugly into the end of your canoe. The bag is easy to inflate and deflate and can be used with other airbags for added buoyancy.

Tie-Down Straps

Tie-down straps are essential for securing your canoe to your vehicle during canoe transportation. Properly securing the canoe prevents accidents and damage while on the road. These straps ensure that your canoe remains stable and doesn’t become a hazard to you or other drivers on the road.

The Quick Hood Loops Trunk Anchor Kayak Tie Downs Straps are tie-down straps perfect for securing your canoe to your vehicle. They are made of high-quality materials and feature a quick and easy loop design that attaches to your vehicle’s hood or trunk.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is indispensable for addressing minor injuries and medical emergencies while canoeing. Accidents can happen, and having the necessary supplies to clean wounds, treat minor cuts, or manage discomfort is crucial. 

Carrying a well-stocked first aid kit empowers you to address injuries promptly, promoting safety and well-being during your trip.

The Breakwater Supply Waterproof First Aid Kit is a dry bag bug-out bag that contains all the essential first aid supplies you need for your canoe trip. The waterproof kit features a durable dry bag design that protects your supplies.

Map and Compass/GPS

Navigation tools like maps, compasses, or GPS devices are essential for staying on course and avoiding getting lost. Canoeing often takes you through intricate waterways, and having these tools ensures you can navigate effectively, make informed decisions, and confidently find your way to your intended destinations.

The Sun Company SeaTurtl Compass is a map and compass/GPS device perfect for navigating your canoe trip. It features a high-quality compass with a sighting mirror and a built-in GPS that provides accurate location information. The device is lightweight and easy to use, making it a great option for beginners.

Sun Protection (Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen)

You may avoid sunburn, heatstroke, and eye strain using sun protection clothing and accessories. Long-term sunlight exposure has serious health hazards. 

You may enjoy your canoeing experience without risking your health by using hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect your skin and eyes.

DEAFRAIN Polarized Sports Sunglasses and BLUE LIZARD Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen can greatly protect you from harmful sun elements. 

Anchor System

An anchor system stabilises your canoe, especially during fishing or taking breaks. It prevents your canoe from drifting away in currents or wind. An anchored canoe facilitates activities such as fishing, photography, or enjoying a picnic, enhancing your overall experience on the water.

The Brocraft Kayak/Canoe Anchor Lock System is an anchor system perfect for keeping your canoe in place while you fish or take a break. It features a locking mechanism that keeps your anchor securely in place and is easy to install and use.

Canoe Cart/Wheels

A canoe cart with wheels eases the process of transporting your canoe between the water and your vehicle, especially when the launch site is distant. It reduces the strain on your body and prevents potential damage to the canoe. 

Using a canoe cart streamlines the logistics of getting your canoe to and from the water.

The Suspenz Kayak Cart Trolley is a canoe cart/wheels that makes it easy to transport your canoe from your vehicle to the water. It features a lightweight and durable design that can support up to 125 pounds and is easy to assemble and use.

Thwart Bag

A thwart bag is a storage pouch that attaches to the crossbars (thwarts) inside the canoe. It provides easy access to small essentials like snacks, water bottles, or navigation tools without having to rummage through larger bags. 

A thwart bag keeps important items within arm’s reach, enhancing convenience and organisation during your trip.

The Reliable Softgoods Frost River Duluth Minnesota Canoe Thwart Bag is a canoe thwart bag that provides extra storage space for your gear. It is made of high-quality materials and features a durable design that can withstand the rigours of canoeing.

Bilge Pump/Sponge

A bilge pump or sponge is essential for removing excess water that may accumulate in the canoe due to rain, splashes, or capsizing. Keeping your canoe relatively dry prevents instability, waterlogging, and discomfort. 

These tools contribute to maintaining a safe and efficient paddling experience.

The Attwood 11595-2 Hand-Operated Bilge Pump is a bilge pump/sponge that helps to keep your canoe dry and free of water. It is easy to use and features a hand-operated design perfect for small boats and canoes.

Canoe Seats/Cushions/Padded Seat

Comfortable seating is crucial for longer canoe trips. Properly cushioned seats provide comfort during extended periods of paddling and prevent soreness or fatigue. 

Ergonomic seats enhance posture and reduce strain on your back, ensuring an enjoyable and pain-free journey.

The KIMI HOUSE Black Heated Indoor & Outdoor Chair Cushion is a padded seat that provides extra comfort and support for your canoe trip. It is made of high-quality materials and features a durable design that can withstand the rigours of canoeing.

Kneeling Pad 

A kneeling pad offers padding for your knees, providing comfort and support when kneeling inside the canoe. Kneeling improves stability, balance, and manoeuvrability, especially in challenging waters. 

A kneeling pad prevents discomfort and helps you maintain control over the canoe.

The NorthShore Flat Canoe Knee Pads are kneeling pad that provides extra comfort and support for your knees while canoeing. They are made of high-quality materials and feature a peel-and-stick adhesive backing that makes them easy to install.


A cooler is essential for storing perishable food and beverages, ensuring they remain fresh and safe to consume. It’s especially useful for longer trips or when you want to enjoy chilled refreshments. 

Carrying a cooler, an important canoe accessory enhances your overall comfort and adds a touch of convenience to your canoeing experience.

The Skywin Cooler Behind Seat is a cooler perfect for keeping your food and drinks cold on your canoe trip. It features a durable design that can withstand the rigours of canoeing and is easy to install behind your canoe seat.

Yoke Pad

A yoke pad is a cushioned support that rests on your shoulders when carrying the canoe on land. It distributes the weight of the canoe, making it more comfortable to transport over longer distances. 

Using a yoke pad reduces strain on your shoulders and neck, facilitating the process of carrying the canoe.

Canoe Sail

A canoe sail is an optional canoe accessory that can harness wind power to assist in propulsion. It’s particularly beneficial when you have a tailwind or want to conserve energy during long stretches. For better and smooth propulsion, you can also install canoe outboard motor.

A sail can increase your canoeing speed and efficiency, allowing you to cover greater distances with less effort.
The LoneRobe 42 inches Downwind Wind Sail Kit is a compact and portable accessory for kayaks, sailboats, and canoes that allows you to harness the power of the wind to move your vessel. The sail kit is that it is easy to set up and deploy quickly, allowing you to get on the water faster.

Canoe Accessories For Safety:

Throw Line + Swim Line

Throw Line and Swim Line are rescue tools. A Throw Line, a buoyant rope, can be thrown to help someone in the water, while a Swim Line attaches for guided rescue. 

These aid in swift and accurate water rescues, ensuring safety for those in distress and aiding rescuers.

The NorthPada 6mm 32ft Floating Rope Anchor is a durable and visible accessory for watercraft. Its reflective orange ensures safety by enhancing visibility in low light for kayaks, canoes, and boats.

River Knife, Throw Bag, and Carabiners

A River Knife cuts entangled ropes, aiding swift responses. A Throw Bag contains a rope to reach people in danger. Carabiners secure gear. 

These tools expedite rescue efforts, ensuring preparedness for challenging water situations and promoting overall safety on the water.

Camping Gear Accessories:


A tarp provides shelter from rain, sun, and wind. It creates a dry area for cooking, relaxing, or storing gear. Essential for unpredictable weather, it enhances camping comfort and protects equipment from the elements.

Grizzly Tarps by B-Air 6′ x 8′ Tarp is a  heavy-duty waterproof tarp for versatile outdoor use. Durable poly material safeguards against elements, making it ideal for camping, shelter, or canoe equipment protection.


A hammock offers a comfortable, elevated sleeping spot. It keeps you off the ground, away from insects and dampness. Valuable for a good night’s sleep, it’s a lightweight alternative to a tent.

Durable Hammock 400 lb Capacity is a lightweight nylon hammock chair built for durability and comfort. It supports up to 400 lbs, perfect for relaxing in camp. Easily portable and great for leisure.

Solar Panels

Solar panels generate power for charging devices. They’re eco-friendly and ensure access to electronics in remote areas. Essential for staying connected and safe, they provide a reliable energy source.

Foldable Solar Panel Charger is a portable solar charger designed for camping. Efficiently converts sunlight to power, charging devices on the go. Foldable design enhances portability and outdoor energy access.

Tilley Hat

A Tilley Hat shields from the sun and rain. It prevents sunburn, heatstroke and offers rain protection. Vital for sun-sensitive areas, it enhances comfort and safeguards against weather-related risks.

Tilley Endurables LTM5 Airflo Hat is a unisex Airflo hat from Tilley Endurables that offers UPF 50+ sun protection, breathability, and durability. Ideal for outdoor adventures, keeping you cool and shielded.

Backpack-style Dry Bag

A waterproof backpack-style dry bag keeps essentials dry during hikes or water activities. It safeguards electronics, clothes, and gear from moisture. Crucial for versatile use, it prevents damage and maintains comfort.

Lightspeed Outdoors Simple Dry Backpack is a roll-top backpack that keeps gear dry during wet conditions. Versatile for various outdoor activities with its waterproof design.

Small Day-Bag

A small day bag carries essentials for short hikes or exploring. It provides easy access to water, snacks, and a first aid kit. Valuable for short outings, it ensures comfort and safety while on the move.

G4Free Sling Bag is a small day bag perfect for camping trips. It features a crossbody chest bag design that is comfortable and easy to wear. The day bag has RFID-blocking technology, which helps to protect your personal information from identity theft.

Optional Accessories

Repair Kit

A repair kit fixes gear, preventing trip disruptions. It ensures self-sufficiency and safety by allowing on-the-spot canoe equipment repairs, extending essential items’ longevity.

Vigilant Trails Survival Sewing Kit is a compact kit for gear repair with thread, needles, patches, and more. Ideal for outdoor activities or home use, it offers various stages, including advanced tools.

LED Lights

LED lights illuminate campsites or paths. They enhance visibility during night activities, providing safety, convenience, and ambience without disturbing wildlife or fellow campers.

EverBrite Rechargeable Camping Led Bulb is a portable, rechargeable LED bulb for camping and hiking with adjustable brightness and long battery life, and is suitable for outdoor activities.

Bug Repellent

Bug repellent keeps insects away, preventing bites and diseases. It enhances comfort and health by minimising discomfort from bugs and reducing the risk of infections.

Sawyer Products SP657 Insect Repellent is an odourless, non-greasy repellent effective against ticks and mosquitoes that Lasts up to 6 weeks or 6 washings and can be applied to gear and clothing.

Camera Mounts

Camera mounts secure cameras for capturing memories. They allow hands-free photography, ensuring convenience and the ability to document the adventure without constantly holding the camera.

HME Products Economy Trail Camera Holder is a lightweight holder for secure trail camera placement. It comes with adjustable angles, is compatible with different cameras, and is suitable for hunting and wildlife observation.

Portable Toilet System

A portable toilet system offers sanitary waste disposal. It’s vital for Leave No Trace ethics, respecting nature and others. It promotes hygiene, minimising environmental impact during camping trips.

TRIPTIPS Updated Portable Potty is a compact, sturdy camping potty with 440 lbs support. Lightweight, easy to clean, designed for outdoor use.


An e-reader offers entertainment and relaxation. It provides a lightweight way to enjoy books, enhancing downtime and leisure and making evenings around the campfire or in the tent more enjoyable.

The Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB) is an e-reader with a 6.8″ display, adjustable warm light, and up to 10 weeks of battery life. It has an adjustable warm light feature, which allows for comfortable reading in any lighting condition.

Emergency Communication Device

An emergency communication device ensures contact in remote areas. It’s a lifeline for emergencies, connecting you to help when needed, enhancing safety and providing peace of mind.

Spot Gen 4 Satellite GPS Messenger is a rugged messenger for outdoor activities. Sends messages, shares location offline and is waterproof and durable.

Canoe Ceiling Hoist

A canoe ceiling hoist facilitates storage. It saves space, prevents damage to the canoe, and makes loading/unloading convenient. It ensures canoe attachments durability and efficient storage.

StoreYourBoard Kayak and Canoe Ceiling Pulley System is a space-saving pulley for overhead kayak and canoe storage. It is Easy installation and adaptable to various canoe types.

Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup provides eco-friendly feminine hygiene. It reduces waste and ensures comfort during outdoor activities. It’s a sustainable alternative, enhancing convenience and minimising environmental impact.

Collapsible Silicone Foldable Sterilizing Cup Set is versatile for cleaning and storing feminine soft and menstrual cups. It is collapsible, easy to clean and includes two sizes. 

Conclusion – Best Canoe Accessories

The comprehensive list of canoe accessories ensures a safe and enjoyable canoe camping experience. From safety gear like canoe life jackets to sustenance with dehydrated meals, items are vital for comfort. 

Setup convenience comes from tarps, hammocks, and waterproof bags. While throw lines, river knives, and communication tools address safety. Carefully selecting and packing, these accessories will ensure a well-prepared and memorable canoe camping journey.

FAQs – All The accessories for canoes

How do I properly use an anchor system while canoe camping?

When canoe camping, use an anchor to secure your canoe at campsites or on water. Choose a suitable anchor type (e.g., folding grapnel) for the bottom type. Attach a rope to the canoe’s bow, drop anchor overboard, and set the anchor by pulling against it gently.

Can you provide tips for safely transporting a canoe using tie-down straps and a canoe cart?

You can secure a canoe on a cart by placing the cart under the centre of the canoe. Strap the canoe to the roofrack or cart using strong tie-down straps, looping through handles or thwart bars. Tighten the straps evenly, ensuring the canoe is stable before moving it.

Are there any specific guidelines for setting up a hammock while canoe camping?

Yes, for hammock camping, locate sturdy trees about 12-15 feet apart. Hang straps around tree trunks at head height. Attach hammock carabiners to straps, keeping a 30-degree angle. Adjust tension, aiming for a slight sag in the hammock.

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