pedal boat arrived damaged

Pedal Boat Arrived Damaged?? Recently, I decided to upgrade my trusty old pedal boat for something more reliable and sturdy. After some research, I found a perfect watercraft Sun Dolphin Sun Slider 5 Seat with Canopy, and placed my order.

As it arrived, I was excited to unbox and catch some exclusive pics of my new pedal boat. However, my excitement end-up in frustration when I noticed a few scratches on the hull.

Afterward, I was wondering what to do next. Thanks to Sam, he reached my place within no time and quickly sprang into action to help me. However, it required some of our effort and time, but we were able to get a fresh replacement. Thank God!

If you have ever been stuck in such a situation, you should make smart and cautious moves. Because pedal boats are bulky and have big dimensions, then there’s a high chance that some of their parts can be damaged during shipping (mainly during loading and unloading).

Unfortunately, if your pedal boat has arrived damaged, then don’t worry and follow these guidelines to get the best solution or even get a new replacement.

  • Document the Proof of Damage in the form of pictures/videos
  • Read Return and Replacement Policies
  • Contact the Retailer/Company ASAP
pro tip about receiving damaged pedal boat

Let’s have a look at what to do if your pedal boat arrived damaged.

Pedal Boat Arrived Damaged – What Parts to Notice First?

When you receive your pedal or paddle boat, hopping off in a water venture without a second thought isn’t a good idea. But beforehand, it’s essential to scrutinize the sensitive components.

After all, you wouldn’t want to face the consequences in the middle of the lake. Here are some key pedal boat parts you need to pay attention to.


As mentioned, my pedalo has a few cracks and scratches on the hull. Therefore, I would advise you to must check for any signs of wear and tear on this wooden component.

Pedals or Paddles

Of course, no one can would any damage to their boat’s propelling mechanism. Because if a pedal falls off, for instance, you will end up shouting around for help.

To prevent the scenario, you must test the functionality of pedals or paddles and ensure they propel smoothly and are securely attached to the hull.


Comfort is key, especially when you’re out on a water venture. You have to pedal for hours, and an uncomfortable seat can make you feel worn out. Ensure the seats are in good condition and free of tears or holes.


Rudder refers to a steering mechanism in several watercraft. Make sure it turns smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to control your boat’s direction easily.

Also, remember to check that the nuts are securely in place. Loose nuts can cause the rudder to wobble, making steering problematic and potentially dangerous.

What to Do If the Boat Arrives Damaged?

No doubt, it’s always a bummer when you wait for something eagerly, and that arrives damaged. But don’t panic, as I have been there too. But these do not include the damages incurred while transporting the pedal boat.

Luckily, there are some steps you can take to resolve the issue. Here’s what you should do if your pedal/paddle boat comes damaged.

pedal boat arrived damaged

Document the Proof of Damage

Many retailers or shipping companies require proof of damage. For that reason, grab your camera and snap photos from different angles.

And most importantly, keep track of packing slips and warranty labels you may get while purchasing. It will help you build your case when contacting the seller or shipping company.

Read the Return and Replacement Policies

It’s always wise to read the return and replacement policies before contacting the seller. Most manufacturers have long-term warranty and return policies.

However, others offer only a 3-day full refund, and that’s quite a short period. Therefore, it’s essential to take action in the first instance.

Contact the Retailer/Company Quickly

Consult the seller or shipping company and inform them that your pedal boat arrived damaged. Feel free to make some waves, assert your rights as a customer, and explain the issue with as much detail as possible. They may refund your investment or offer replacement parts for pedal boats.

Best Shipping Services in the US

Your watercraft may come damaged due to manufacturing defects or shipping crashes. In the case of defects, you can’t do any but ensure the boat you choose on retail is entirely fine.

However, the courier company may have made a major hurdle if your boat gets dents during shipment. As a preventive measure, you should opt for a reliable and trustworthy courier service. Here are some best names in the world of shipping:

  • United Parcel Service
  • FedEx Ground
  • Sendle
  • DHL Express
  • USPS
  • CMA CGM Group
  • United States Postal Service
  • ShipBob
  • Old Dominion Freight Line
  • Navis Pack & Ship

Remember that pedal boating is safe if everything is in place securely and you know how to store the pedal boat properly.

How Do I Return a Replaceable Item on Amazon?

Assuming you don’t visit any retailer to where to buy a pedal boat; instead, you eliminate all the physical hassles by placing an order on an online marketplace such as Amazon. In that case, you can return the boat (if it has a return policy) by following these steps:

  • Navigate the Your Orders section on the Amazon website or mobile app to display your recent orders.
  • Find the order that includes the watercraft you want to return and select the Return or Replace Items option.
  • Choose the specific watercraft you want to return from the list of items in the order. Then, select the reason for the return from the dropdown menu.
  • Select how you want to process the return, whether you want a refund or a replacement watercraft.
  • If you purchased the watercraft from a third-party seller on Amazon, click on Submit Return Request.

Note: The seller will review your request before issuing a refund or replacement. If you don’t hear back from the seller within two business days, you can request an A-to-Z Guarantee Refund from Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

What happens if an item is damaged during shipping?

If an item is damaged during shipment, the company is responsible. However, you need to prove that the package is damaged while shipping. It may be a difficult task to do, especially if you have signed off the courier papers. For that reason, check the boat’s functionality at the first instance and then sign the documents if all is fine.

How do I return a replaceable item on Amazon?

If you have ordered your boat from online services such as Amazon or Alibaba, you may get a full refund or replacement policy. You can return the damaged ship through the steps mentioned earlier.

Wrapping Up – Pedal Boat Arrived Damaged

That’s all I have in the box. Sam and I got a new replacement but with some physical visits to the courier company and retailer.

Preferably, you should order a watercraft from Amazon, as the marketplace has a simple return policy. It means you can get a refund or replacements without much trouble. Also, use the peal boat according to how much weight it can hold. Cheers!

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