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Last week, my friend Sam and I embarked on a much-needed escape to a nearby lake. Lakes are our all-time favorite picnic spot, giving us a huge range of productive yet entertaining activities.

However, we quickly realized that we had left our beloved boats behind. With a bit of reluctance, we made our way to the rental office.

At first, we were a bit confused to see the various options of pedal boats and paddle boats available for boating. Luckily, we met a friendly boating expert who offered to be our guide through the world of aquatic transportation.

Through the help of a boating organizer, we figured out an amusing type of boat and that’s our own manual pedal boat. Here’s all about different types of pedal and paddle boats:

Types of Pedal Boats

Manual Pedal Boat:

The propelling mechanism of the manual pedal is simple; you just have to rotate the pedals to propel it forward. They come in various colors and sizes. Some boats are made exclusively for kids, while others have space for two, three, or even more.

Types of Pedal and Paddle Boats

In a two-seater pedal boat, both passengers must work together to move the boat forward. This means that both people need to pedal to make the boat move faster.

On the other hand, larger manual boats have pedal wheels for only the front two passengers. The person sitting in the back can simply sit back and enjoy the ride without having to pedal

Canopy Pedal Boat:

Imagine going fishing or boating on a beautiful summer day, but the scorching sun makes you sick of the heat and ruins your trip. You can prevent this situation through a canopy pedal boat. 

canopy pedal boat

These pedal boats have a cover at the top, which can block the sunlight, rain, and stormy winds. Plus, the extra shade makes it a better option for fishing and sightseeing.

If you already have a pedal boat without a bimini, you can easily install it by measuring the size of your boat’s canvas.

Pontoon Pedal Boat:

Boating enthusiasts use pontoon boats in rivers and lakes and on seashores. It is a flat boat; therefore, it can easily handle buoyancy. Some pontoon boats are for only one person, whereas others can carry two.

The pontoon pedal boat has a comfy seat from which you can not only enjoy cruising but you can also catch a delicious aquatic meal.

Electric Pedal Boat:

You can convert any boat into an electric pedal boat by connecting it to the batteries. Several boats like pontoons, catamarans, and canopies are available as both manual and electric. People who want to enjoy sightseeing without the need to pedal prefer an electric one.

Electric pedal boats bring you the joy of boating without putting much effort into pedaling. It comes in various sizes and can accommodate up to five people snugly.

Catamaran Pedal Boat

Catamarans are a special type of boat with two hulls; therefore, they easily manage buoyancy. Relatively, these boats have higher speeds as compared to other models. They are a perfect choice for exercise, sightseeing, and entertainment. 

Inflatable Pedal Boat

Inflatable pedal boats are great for pools, lakes, and calm rivers. You can enjoy boating in it as it has many comfy options, like adjusting your legroom and seat space accordingly. 

inflatable pedal boat

Folding Pedal Boat

Folding pedal boats are a great invention for people with storage issues. It comes in different separate parts. You can carry it in a bag and assemble it at the picnic point. Its assembly is simple and becomes functional quickly, and the water experience is pretty cool. 

Solar Pedal Boat

Solar pedal boats, as their name indicates, get energy from the sun. It has an elegant appearance and has a much bigger space. The best part is that there is no harm to nature.

Water Bike:

These pedal boats are named water bikes because of their body structure resembling a bike’s seat. It gives you a perfect balance and adventurous boating rides. Even people who don’t have riding ability can easily adjust to it. 

Types of Paddle Boats

Paddle boats are also manual boats run by the back-and-forth movement of the Paddle. It has various types; let’s discuss them one by one;


Canoes are made up of wood and are pointed at both ends. They are light weighed; hence you can carry them to the rivers and amusement parks. It has a little shallow space in between and has a little peak at the corners. 

Boating a canoe has its charm. When you move the Paddle backward, it moves the canoe a little forward and gives you the ultimate joy of the picnic. 


These are quite similar to a canoe. What makes it different from a canoe boat is its covered deck. It is made up of wood, plastic, and stainless steel.

Due to its covered deck, it has limited space, and usually, one or two people can fit in, and each has to paddle.


Rowboats move by rowing through oars. Oars are similar to paddles but attached to the boat body. Moreover, rowboats have one end pointed and the other broader end. These boats are very popular for fishing. 


Paddleboards are manually run through manually paddling. The navy earlier used them in marine wars and was also used as a source of transportation through the water. You can enjoy cruising and fishing on the paddleboard. 


Sailboat has a big fabric attached vertically, referred to as a sail, and it helps the boat move in the water. Manufacturers utilize different materials, including wood, aluminum, and plastic to craft the boat.

The number of people it can accommodate depends upon the size of the sailboat, as it comes in various lengths and widths. 

Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP):

Stand-up paddleboards are surfing boards where you can stand and paddle with one hand. These are expensive and also require expertise to paddle them efficiently. Their stand-up paddle mechanism makes them a great choice for exercise.

Dragon boat

Dragon boats are very popular in China as they reflect a charm in a famous Chinese event, known as Dragon Boat Festival.

These boats are quite similar to canoes but differ in space and accommodation. They have a big space and can fit a dozen people snugly, thanks to their wider arrow-like shape.

In terms of the working mechanism, people sit on the corner of the boat, and each of them paddles it to propel in the water.


Any piece of wood or log which can float on the water refers to a raft. Commonly, these floating pieces can fit a single person. However, many other sorts of rafts are available, like inflatable rafts, which can carry more than one person. 

FAQs – Types of Pedal and Paddle Boats

Which type of pedal boat and paddle boat is safer?

Pedal boat types are safer as they don’t require boating expertise. A newbie can easily handle it without any fear of sinking and drowning. However, if you are looking for a safer option in a pedal boat, you can go for a canopy boat, as it also shelters you.

Which is the most lightweight option in both paddle and pedal boats?

You can find many lightweight options in paddle boats, including Canoes, kayaks, and rafts. Among these, the lightest option is Kayak. The manual pedal boats without a bimini roof are crafted from lightweight components.

Which type of pedal or paddle boat is friendly for beginners?

The electric pedal boat is the most friendly for beginners as you don’t have to pedal. In Paddle boats, you can propel a kayak easily due to its sleek and lightweight body.

Which type of boat is better for fishing?

If you want to fish in a smaller area, Kayak would be the best option as you can handle it easily. However, in the oceans, you should opt for rowboats to fish.

Are pedal boats more expensive than paddle boats?

The cost of the boats depends upon the size and the number of people it can accommodate. In general, the least cost of a manual pedal boat is higher than that of a paddle boat. However, the highest cost of the paddle boat can hit any bigger number, unlike pedal boats.

Which one is mostly silent and comfortable to ride between both of them?

Regarding the comforts, no boat can beat electric pedal boats. You can enjoy boating, fishing, and cruising in it silently. All you have to do is sit and the electric propelling mechanism will handle the rest.

Wrapping Up – Types of Pedal and Paddle Boats

Every kind of boat has its charisma; some are easy to ride, like manual pedal boats, while others need pro-level expertise, such as stand-up Paddles. The common key is you can enjoy all types with your loved ones.

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