how to rent out your personal boat

Let me guess; you are wondering how to rent out your pedal boat. Well, that’s exactly what Sam and I thought about.

Although my flair for pedal boating is on extreme levels, it’s too overwhelming to pedal during hot summer. For that reason, my partner Sam and I figured out something, and that’s pedaling in the evening, not on a scorching afternoon.

Moving forward, Sam suggested the idea of renting out a personal boat in the afternoon. I was a bit unsure about that, but he convinced me later on. As it turned out, we and the summer ended up with a handful of money.

No doubt, renting out a personal pedal boat is a great way to earn some extra dough. Here’s how the entire pedal boat renting out process works:

  • Setting Rental Rules and Guidelines
  • Handling Inquiries and Reservations
  • Collecting Payment and Security Deposits
  • Providing Safety Instructions and Equipment
  • Conducting a Pre-Rental Inspection

Let’s discuss how to rent out your personal pedal boat briefly.

How to Rent Out Your Pedal Boat – How it Works?

While renting out your pedal boat seems like a simple and rewarding endeavor, it involves more than just handing over the keys. For a successful and trouble-free experience, going through a proper rental process is vital. Here’s how to rent out your personal pedal boat step-by-step:

How to Rent Out Your Pedal Boat

1- Set Rental Rules and Guidelines

Safety should be one’s top concern in any water sport, and pedal boating is no exception. For that reason, you should set clear rental rules that prioritize your boat’s and renters’ safety.

It involves fixing guidelines on maximum capacity, rental hours, restrictions, and safety requirements. You may also want to specify any additional fees or charges for damages, late returns, or specific conditions.

Communicate these rules to renters in advance and have them sign off on them as part of the rental agreement. There is another important thing to mention, that you’ve to told them about the weight limit of pedal boat and maximum carrying capacity.

2- Handling Inquiries and Reservations

As a pedal boat owner, you must develop an efficient system for handling inquiries and reservations. Consider setting up a working email address or phone number for rental inquiries and respond promptly and professionally.

Record all inquiries and reservations for future reference and follow up with renters to confirm bookings.

3- Collecting Payment and Security Deposits

Once you have set up an effective model for your rental work, collect payments and security deposits. Clearly outline your payment requirements and methods in the rental waiver and communicate them to renters in advance. 

For a safe experience, consider using a secure online payment system to streamline the process and protect against potential fraud.

4- Providing Safety Instructions and Equipment

Prior to launching the pedal boat, it’s vital to provide renters with thorough safety instructions and equipment to ensure their well-being on the water. Guide them on fundamental boating regulations, emergency protocols, and how to use the pedal boat.

As for the essential gear, furnish them with well-maintained life jackets or paddles and ensure proper fitting.

5- Conducting a Pre-Rental Inspection

Before each rental inspect the condition of the pedal boat to ensure it is a shipshape. Check for any damages, missing equipment, or maintenance issues.

Document the condition of the pedal boat with photos or a checklist, and share this information with the renter to establish transparency and trust.

Platforms to Advertise Your Pedal Boat for Renting

1- Online Platforms

If you want a traffic flow around your idea, you must spread the word. However, attracting new customers can be a major hurdle, especially if you lack a grasp on the basics of marketing.

Fortunately, you can try your luck at several tried and true platforms that can serve as your marketing paddle. Here are the major ones:


Primarily, the GetMyBoat facilitates the rental of larger vessels such as ski boats or yachts. However, the platform is also a true treasure for people who are looking to rent a pedal boat, kayak, or other small watercraft. There are many people who are confused between pedal boat vs kayak, while getting a vessel on rent.


Unlike the previous platform (restricted to boats only), Yoodlize allows enthusiasts to rent out everything under the sun. Whether it’s a pedal boat, camera, fishing rod, camp chairs, or any other item, you have the freedom to set your desired price per hour or day.

2- Ad Services

If the above sites didn’t do any favors to increase your customers, you could try out some online ad services such as Facebook Ads or Craigslist.

Just remember, there may be a small initial investment required. So it’s worth not considering if you’re planning to rent your watercraft only for a short summer stint.

3- Social Media

There’s no denying that social media reflects a powerful tool for marketing. You can utilize various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, to showcase the unique features and benefits of your pedal boats.

Still, got no luck? Well, in that case, the wise action is to stick with the pedal boat in front of your lawn with the label: For Rent. However, the idea will make some income only if you live nearby lakes, parks, or any recreational areas.

How Much to Rent Out Your Pedal Boat For?

Typically, you can rent a pedal boat for an entire day for $30. While some sellers may sweeten the deal with multi-day discounts, others charge extra fees for extra amenities.

As there is no answer without logic, the price exists due to major factors such as market rate, model or expenses. Exceeding the baseline for rent menu will leave you nothing but an empty pedal boat.

When I got my sun dolphin 5-seater pedal boat out for rent, Sam proposed the following charges:

  • $5 in a day (only on afternoons)
  • $35 Weekly
  • $7 Life Vest/Jacket

Sam’s pricing took into account factors like time of day, duration of the rental, and additional amenities, making it a well-thought-out proposal for potential renters.

How to Prepare Your Pedal Boat for Renting?

As you gear up to rent out your pedal boat, taking the prep steps is crucial for a smooth and successful rental experience. Here’s how to do so:

  • First of all, ensure that you have to maintain your pedal boat properly. It involves inspecting any leaks or cracks in the body, checking the hull for any damage, and proper drainage.
  • After each rent out rinse off your boat and clean it thoroughly with a cloth or sponge. Then sanitize the whole boat and rinse it again with pressure water.
  • Make sure to stock necessary supplies such as a first aid kit, boat safety kit, anchor, fishing rod, cooler, etc.

How Can You Protect Boat Investment?

Obviously, if you opt not to use a service for renting out your boat, you will need to be in charge of safeguarding your investment. Here’s a list of some things you must keep in mind:

  • Obtain a copy of their ID or passport for identification purposes
  • Get a deposit that motivates the renter
  • Have them sign a liability rental contract to ensure they take responsibility.
  • Provide life jackets and require their use.
  • Plan for legal action in case of damages.
  • Give safety pointers and recommendations.

Starting Pedal Boat Rental Business

Setting up a rental business for pedal boats is quite different from simply renting out your own personal watercraft for a quick spin.

The tax, licensing, and legal aspects involved, along with land and water rights, turn this from a side hustle into a full-fledged business venture.

To start a pedal boat rental business, you will need to obtain the necessary licenses or permits, a full-proof marketing strategy, and professional staff.

FAQs – How to Rent Out Your Pedal Boat

Is starting a pedal boat rental business a good idea in 2023?

Yes, you can earn over $700,000 per year through a pedal boat rental business. But that’s only possible if you establish and imply a proper strategic plan.

Do pedal boats need to be registered to give on rent?

It may vary depending on local regulations and laws. However, if you are starting a professional business, it’s wise to get your pedal boat registered.

Wrapping Up – Renting Out Your Pedal Boat

That’s all I have in the box. Giving out a pedal boat for renting isn’t that complicated. Just follow the procedure I told you, and you will be earning a handful of money, just like me and my partner Sam. Happy renting!

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