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Pedal Boat Rentals in Florida: The time had come for our long-awaited reunion, and my old friends were buzzing with excitement. We were all eager to catch up, reminisce about old times, and create new memories. But when it came to deciding on the venue, the ideas were falling short. Suggestions were being thrown around, but nothing seemed to be catching our attention.

As we sat there, brainstorming and bouncing ideas off of one another, my mind wandered to the countless beautiful boating spots in Florida. Suddenly, it hit me: boating.

Instantly, I suggested the idea to my friends, and to my surprise, everyone was immediately on board with the idea.

Everyone knows Florida is a sun-soaked wonderland that captures the heat with its pristine beaches, exotic wildlife, and vibrant culture. From the lively streets of Miami to the peaceful shores of Key West, every inch of the state is bursting with life and energy.

That’s the reason why we prefer boating in Florida. To our luck, we found a variety of pedal boat rentals in Florida through some research on the internet. Let’s explore them one by one.

Pedal Boat Rentals In Florida – Ft. Myers-Naples FL

Wheel Fun Rentals

Rating: 4.5 stars

Price: $20 per hour

Wheel fun rentals operate at Lake Regional Park and offer many kinds of rental pedal boats. If sunburn is your concern, don’t worry as their swan boats have bimini to cover you and stop the sun’s rays.

They also provide life jackets and verbal instructions to ensure your safety. Try to reach the 30 minutes before the time and go to the washroom to freshen up since they don’t give you extra time.

Pedal Boat Rentals in Florida

Lagerhead Cycleboats Fort Myers

Rating: 5 stars

Price: $44 per person

If you are looking to rent a pedal boat for a party, then Lagerhead Cycleboats is the best option. They offer large pedal boats for groups; you can book seats and enjoy yourself with others. 

Only a group of more than 16 people can get a private cruise. You can bring alcoholic drinks, food, and refreshments. No need to bring ice as they offer ice-filled cups and glasses. Enjoy the party with easy pedalling with your companions. 

Pedal Boat Rental In Jacksonville, Florida

Kraken CycleBoats

Rating: 4.7 stars

Price: $22.5 for one hour

Kraken Cycleboats deal with large party boats. You must be twenty-one years old to book their service since they allow adults only for cruising. Kids up to the age of 5, along with parents, are also allowed. 

They give many add-ons for free, like a sound system, a captain, Bluetooth, life jackets, and a pedal station. You can also drink liquor but only that quantity so you won’t become unconscious. Further, You can get a discount of $6 if you book the entire boat.

Pedal Pub Jax

Rating: 5 stars

Price: $38 per seat

Pedal Pub Jax has a very simple online booking process. They offer large pedal boats for parties, engagement ceremonies, birthday celebrations, and corporate meetings. They suggest dressing up properly, for example: wearing a raincoat in rainy weather, as they don’t cancel rides based on weather conditions. 

Pedal Pub will stop at 2-3 local spots; you can buy food from them. Don’t bring liquor and wine; it is not allowed to carry yours. 

Pedal Pub Jax

Pedal Boat Rentals in Tampa-St. Petersburg (Sarasota), Florida

Walk on Water Pedalboard Tours:

Rating: 5 stars

Price: $25 for one hour

Walk on Water Pedalboards Tours rents unique and premium quality pedal boards. You can book them online. Though they operate in New Hampshire, you can order these boards online anywhere; they will be delivered in a few days.

You will get a life jacket, a dry bag with every board, and an hour-long training on using the pedalboard safely. You have returned it with a pedal board. 

Kraken CycleBoats

Rating: 4.6 stars

Price: $22.5 

Kraken CycleBoats operates at Tampa, also. Now you can enjoy a pedal boat party in the middle of the river for two hours. As you book it for a party, you can carry snacks, drinks, and your music playlists. 

You will get a restroom break in the middle of the cruise, so drink as much as you want. The pedaling is so easy you won’t even realize any tough footwork. Their crew will be present on the boat for guidance. 

Pedal Boat Rentals in Miami-Fort. Lauderdale Florida

Paddle Pub Fort Lauderdale

Rating: 5 stars

Price: $49 for individual seats and $69 for night cruising 

Paddle Pub Fort Lauderdale gives you a thrilling cruise experience. You can go with your spouse, friend, and family as they deal in large Pedal boats. They will give you a captain, Ices, Shade, a dancing area, and a standing area. 

All the cruisers don’t have to pedal as they have only 13 pedaling stations for the 26 people. If you are less than 26, then don’t worry. People can book their seats individually as well.

Snacks, coolers, and alcoholic beverages are allowed. You can drink as much as you want, as Paddle Pub has a restroom at the boat’s top. 

Blue Point Sup

Rating: 4.7 stars

Price: N/A

Enjoy the charm of Virginia Key Bay in the Blue Point Pedal Boats. This place is full of wildfires; you may see wild animals and water creatures like dolphins and other fishes. Gift cards are another amazing feature of blue point, just buy them and gift them to your loved ones. 

Blue Point Sup

Blue Point Sup has colourful boats with a comfy sitting area. Their team is well-trained; they will even guide you in planning your boating ride. Plus, they have a rigid cancellation and return policy. Moreover, they also have a reward program, but its reward is for paddle boats. 

Wrapping Up

Florida has many attractive lakes, rivers, and amusement parks. You can engage in many activities, along with boating. If you can not buy a boat, rent one from any pedals mentioned by boat rental companies and enjoy the alluring charm of Florida’s water bodies.

Let’s unwind with the magic of river!

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