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As a pedal boat owner, you should have one of the best pedal boat covers. Ignoring this can have detrimental effects on the longevity of your watercraft if you’re going to store it under the sky.

In fact, we (me and Sam) did the same and as a result, we were in the market to acquire a new pedal boat just a month later.

So why is it a big deal if you don’t have a pedal boat cover?

Well, that won’t be an issue if you are going to park your watercraft in a flat, garage, or any other indoor space. However, if you plan to do so outside without a cover, there are more than a few elements that can impact the lifespan of your little vessel.

Even I personally kept my pedalo in my open-air yard but with a pedal boat cover.

Let’s explore more about pedal boat covers and review some exclusive models based on my research and experience.

Is Having the Best Pedal Boat Covers Really Necessary?

Yes, without a single doubt, the constant exposure to a couple of elements can kill your pricey pedal boat over time. Here are the major ones:

1. Sun

Pedal boat rentals always supply canopies to protect their boat from harmful UVs. However, it can only help while out on the lake.

If you’re storing your pedal boat in any open-air space, the sun can roast it badly. Over time, the UVs will gradually deteriorate the boat’s resin, leaving it fragile.

Typically, the boat would begin to experience the consequences of prolonged sun exposure after 10 to 12 years. However, the signs of wear and tear will appear beforehand.

2. Water

The second killer is water. Shocking?

Particularly, resin boats are susceptible to water-induced damage. In the case of RAM-X and HDPE boats, neglecting proper care can result in a complete loss of usability within just a few years.

To be precise, water is a silent destroyer of pedal boats.

3. Mold

Sun Dolphin and Pelican (famous pedalo manufacturers) create the hull and bottom separately. For the sake of a better term, they then staple them together with a gooey sealant.

Gradually, water makes its way into these two wooden pieces, infiltrating and breaking down the foam inside. As a result, the boat begins to sit lower in the water, accompanied by an overwhelming odor of mold.

Even with the presence of a drain plug in your boat, effectively drying out the foam can pose a challenging endeavor.

What I meant to say is, you need to figure out a way to protect your hefty investment. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

And in this case, a pedal boat cover acts as a preventive measure.

The best pedal boat cover will protect your watercraft from the sun, mold, and harmful UVs. 

Best Pedal Boat Covers in Market

As an owner of two pedal boats, I have bought several covers and have a fairly good idea of what works best. Here are the best ones I recommend you get:

1. Explore Land Pedal Boat Cover:

BrandExplore Land
MaterialTreated polyester
FasteningElastic / Buckle Straps
Colors AvailableBlue / Tan / Grey
Max Boat Size112. 5″ L x 65″ W
Warranty2-Years Warranty
Amazon Link

Discover the secret to year-round pedal boat preservation with the Explore Land Pedal Boat Cover. It’s an exceptional model designed to defy nature’s toughest challenges.

In terms of protection, the cover is weather and water-resistant, allowing you to have peace of mind in any condition (storm, rainy or windy). Plus, the nylon corner straps ensure a strong grip to keep the cover in place.

Heavy-duty elastic hem cord is adjustable, meaning you can install and remove it easily. While the cover is considered a universal fit, it only facilitates boats up to 112.5″ L x 65″ W.

Moreover, the high-level double stitching and sealed taped seams provide impressive guarding. This makes it an ideal option for storing your pedal boat in outdoor spaces.

A Candid Look on Its Upsides

  • The cover didn’t require any complex steps to fit in my pedal boat.
  • The adjustable straps helped me to fit it according to the size of my pedal boat.
  • It contained tie-down straps to help against stormy winds.

What I Don’t Like

  • It was a little hard to pull the elastic on the front and back ends to get the cover on snug.

Our Verdict – Honest Assessment

If you’re in search of a top-notch cover that strikes the perfect balance between affordability and quality, look no further than the Explore Land Pedal Boat Cover. It’s the best mid-range protective shield that never compromises on quality.

2. YumSting Pedal Boat Cover

Material600D marine grade polyester
FasteningBuckle Straps
Colors AvailableGray / Black / Pacific Blue
Max Boat Size112. 5″ L x 65″ W
Warranty2-Years Warranty
Amazon Link

Another great option to safeguard your pedal boat’s durability is the YumSting pedal boat cover. It’s a cutting-edge solution to protect your pedalo against sun, mold, water, etc.

The major difference here is that it is secured only by the buckle straps (it doesn’t have an elastic perimeter). However, the addition of tie-down straps trades off this downside. These straps help your cover again to remain in place.

Moving to the construction part, the cover features the 600D polyester canvas mixed with anti-uv composite. It means you don’t have to worry about getting faded, tearing, or puncturing easily.

Not only this, the three-layer water-resistant coating enhances the waterproofing aspect. Plus, the Elastic Shock Cord is sewn into the entire bottom to deliver a grippy and custom fit around your watercraft.

Candid Look on its Upsides

  • The tie-down straps were very effective against stormy winds.
  • It proves as an all-weather-resistant option.
  • It was the best model I found in a low price bracket.

What I Don’t Like

  • The side straps took a bit of effort to fit.

Our Verdict – Honest Assessment

YumSting pedal boat cover is a top-notch product that offers reliable protection and good value for money. While some users have reported minor fit issues, overall, the YumSting pedal boat cover is a solid choice.

3. ClawsCover Pedal Boat Cover

MaterialPolyester Blend Canvas
FasteningBuckle Straps
Colors AvailableBlack
Max Boat Size112. 5″ L x 65″ W
Warranty/Refund1-Year Warranty
Amazon Link

Introducing the ClawsCover Pedal Boat Cover, the ultimate solution for protecting your pedal boat in any weather condition. With its outstanding features and durable construction, this cover ensures that your boat remains dry, clean, and safe

For added security and stability, this cover is equipped with two adjustable windproof buckle straps at the bottom. These straps resist the strongest winds, keeping your boat securely covered.

Plus, it boasts a custom-fit design, tailored to perfectly conform to the shape and contours of your pedal boat.

A Candid Look on Its Upsides

  • It was quite easy to wrap and unwrap
  • The model is built with durable polyester canvas.

What We Don’t Like

  • It may be thrown away from stormy winds

Our Verdict – Honest Assessment

Choose the ClawsCover Pedal Boat Cover and enjoy worry-free protection for your pedal boat. Experience the durability, reliability, and exceptional performance that this cover offers. 

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Pedal Boat

When looking for the best pedal boat cover, you might want to check off a few boxes. After all, no one wants to spend their money on something that doesn’t measure up.

Here are some major factors to consider when purchasing a pedal boat cover:

1. Size and Fit: 

You have the option of choosing between custom and universal fit covers. A custom-fit cover is specifically tailored to the dimensions of your pedal boat, ensuring a snug and precise fit. On the other hand, a universal fit cover is an ideal pick for fitting a range of pedal boats with different sizes and shapes. 

2. Material and Durability: 

The material of the cover plays a crucial role in its durability and performance. Polyester, nylon, and vinyl are common materials used for pedal boat covers, with each having different properties. 

For example,  polyester is generally considered excellent in terms of durability and has a mid-range cost. Meanwhile, nylon is also very good in terms of sturdiness and is even more affordable. Vinyl is robust, too but falls in the mid-range in terms of cost. 

Consider your budget and the level of protection you require when choosing the material.

3. Protection against Elements: 

You must look for a pedal boat cover that offers protection against external elements. For that, waterproofing is essential to keep your boat dry and protected from rain and water splashes. 

UV resistance is also important to prevent color fading and damage to the cover caused by prolonged sun exposure. Moreover, you should also ensure to invest in a cover with reinforced stitching for added strength and durability so it withstands harsh weather conditions.

4. Fastening Mechanism: 

A well-fitted cover is crucial for proper protection. Look for a model that has adjustable straps, buckles, or drawstrings that allow you to secure the cover tightly and prevent it from blowing off in windy conditions. 

5. Ventilation and Moisture Management: 

Proper ventilation and moisture management are important to prevent mold and mildew growth on your boat. Hence choose breathable materials that allow air circulation, which helps in drying out any wetness and prevents the build-up of unpleasant odors or mold on the boat.

6. Color:

While not directly related to the performance of the cover, color can play a role in heat absorption.

Darker colors tend to absorb more heat, which can cause the boat to become uncomfortably hot.

Lighter colors reflect it hence keeping the boat cooler.

Utilizing a Pedal Boat Cover – Steps Involved

Assuming you have bought up a shiny pedal boat cover and are ready to have a try on. But what if you don’t know the installation procedure? Well, the scenario is frustrating enough to ruin your cup of wine.

But don’t worry, as I have listed down a few simple steps to utilize a pedal boat cover:

  • Firstly, ensure the boat is clean and dry, free from any debris that might become an unwelcome hitchhiker under the cover.
  • Unfold the boat cover and lay it out flat, making sure it is fully extended and ready to be placed over the boat.
  • Carefully drape the cover over the boat, ensuring that it covers the entire vessel from bow to stern. Adjust the cover so that it fits snugly and securely.
  • Fasten the cover using the provided straps or fasteners. Tighten them enough to keep the cover in place but avoid over-tightening, which could cause unnecessary strain on the cover or the boat.
  • If necessary, use additional reinforcements like bungee cords or tie-down straps. It would ensure a tight fit and prevent the cover from shifting or coming loose during transporting pedal boat or exposure to wind.

Determining The Correct Size of Pedal Boat Cover for Your Specific Model

To get the most value for your money, you need to ensure the cover in which you invest fits the watercraft perfectly. For that reason, you must measure the size of your pedalo and then select a cover accordingly.

Here’s how to do so:

  • Measure the length of your pedal boat from the bow to the stern.
  • Measure the width of the boat at its widest point.
  • Measure the height from the bottom to the highest point of the boat.
  • Note any additional features or accessories that may affect the size.
  • Check the manufacturer’s guidelines for cover recommendations.
  • Select a cover that matches your boat’s length, width, and height.

Can I use a universal pedal boat cover if I can’t find one designed specifically for my model?

When your specific pedal boat model lacks a dedicated cover, a universal option can come to the rescue. Although not tailored accurately, opt for an adjustable cover that closely matches your boat’s dimensions.

Cleaning a Pedal Boat Cover – The Most Effective Approach

No doubt, cleaning your boat cover is a step forward to maintaining its durability. While using a hose and soft bristle brush is a good starting point, some stubborn spots and stains may require a specially formulated cleaning solution. Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide to effectively clean your boat cover:

Cleaning your boat cover is essential for maintaining pedal boat appearance and durability. While using a hose and soft bristle brush is a good starting point, some stubborn spots and stains may require a specially formulated cleaning solution. Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide to effectively clean your boat cover:

  • Gather a hose, soft bristle brush, cleaning solution, and a mixing container.
  • Rinse the cover with the hose to remove loose dirt.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution following instructions or use mild soap diluted in water.
  • Apply the cleaning solution generously and evenly.
  • Gently scrub with a brush, then rinse thoroughly with the hose.

Note: It’s a common yet most effective approach to cleaning the boat cover. However, it’s always wise to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning or maintaining the specific boat cover.

How Difficult is it to Stitch a Pedal Boat Cover Yourself?

Materials Required:

To stitch a pedal boat cover, you will need the following materials and equipment.

  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine and needles
  • Scissors

Here’s all the steps that are involved:

  • Measure the pedal boat and create a pattern.
  • Cut the fabric pieces based on the pattern.
  • Pin or clip the fabric pieces together.
  • Sew the fabric pieces together, reinforcing stress points.
  • Sew openings for entry points or handles, if needed.
  • Hem the edges of the cover to prevent fraying.
  • Test the cover on the pedal boat for fit and make adjustments if necessary.

Important Considerations:

  • Measure accurately to ensure a proper fit.
  • Consider the design and functionality of the cover.
  • Choose a durable and waterproof fabric suitable for outdoor use.
  • Prepare the fabric by washing and ironing if needed.
  • Test the fit of the cover before finalizing the stitching.
  • Consider additional protection features such as UV resistance or weatherproof coatings.
  • Aim for a creative and high-quality finish to enhance the overall appearance and durability of the cover.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Can I trailer my pedal boat with the cover on?

Yes, you can trailer your pedal boat with the cover on it. However, it’s not advisable as your cover could get potential damages while trailing.

My pedal boat cover has a hole in it. Can I repair it, or do I need to replace the entire cover?

If your pedal boat cover has a hole, it is possible to repair it depending on the extent of the damage. You can fix minor patches or fixes using repair kits. However, if the hole is big enough to compromise the cover’s effectiveness, you may need to replace it.

Are there any additional accessories or features I should consider when purchasing a pedal boat cover?

Yes. When purchasing a pedal boat cover, consider additional accessories like tie-down straps or buckles to ensure a secure fit.

How long can I expect a high-quality pedal boat cover to last before needing a replacement?

The lifespan of a high-quality pedal boat cover can vary depending on usage, storage conditions, and overall maintenance. With proper care, such as regular cleaning and appropriate storage, a well-made cover can last several years.

Will using a pedal boat cover protect my boat from damage caused by UV rays and other environmental elements?

Yes, using a pedal boat cover offers protection against damage caused by UV rays, rain, dust, and other environmental elements. A quality cover will shield your boat from prolonged exposure to the sun, preventing fading, cracking, and other forms of degradation.

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