Where to Buy a Pedal Boat

In the quest for a pedal boat, renting seemed like a sensible choice at first. But, limited options and high rates led us to explore purchasing instead.

Where to buy a pedal boat became the question. In fact, the overwhelming number of options prompted an entire day of research. We searched for local retailers, explored online marketplaces, and considered buying used.

Ultimately, we chose to buy directly from the manufacturer for a more affordable price and for our peace of mind too. Now, we’ve categorized available options for buying a pedal boat in this guide to streamline your search and buying process.

Let’s make your pedal boat dreams a reality.

Where to Buy A Pedal Boat

Where to Buy A Pedal Boat – Online Retailers

Online marketplaces allow you to purchase pedal boats with just a few clicks. Here are the most reliable ones:


Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, where you can find a huge variety of pedal boats in different types, colors, and quality. The huge customer base of Amazon can be a plus point. 

Through this, you will have more reviews and ratings to help you make a satisfactory buying decision. However, the marketplace is filled with thousands of options, which can make it overwhelming to choose the one offering the best pedal boat quality and rates. 


Walmart is also a popular marketplace featuring these watercraft from several brands in varying price ranges. The best part is that it offers free two-day shipping if you order multiple items at once. 

The website is also easy-to-navigate, so you won’t have any issues while selecting your desired product. However, this comes with a drawback as this retailer’s inventory has limited options, as compared to Amazon or Dick’s Sporting Goods. 

Dick’s Sporting Goods

If you’re a sports lover, you would have definitely heard about Dick’s Sporting Goods. It’s a popular retail platform where you can find multiple outdoor equipments, including heavy-duty pedal boats. 

You can even visit its outlet in person to ensure the quality of the product. For online buyers, this retailer even offers free shipping if you order items worth a certain amount. 

However, the overall costs of products that feature Dick’s Sporting Goods are comparatively higher. You can find similar pedal boats at highly reasonable rates by navigating through other online retailers. 

Specialty Outdoor Retailers of Pedal Boats

If ordering a pedal boat online isn’t your preference, you can even visit an outdoor retailer for this purpose. There are many such options available, with REI and Cabela being the two most popular ones. 


This specialty retailer has a number of outdoor accessories to explore, which also includes pedal boats. Since the platform excels in similar equipment, the expertise of its staff is a plus point. They can help you make the right decision with their knowledgeable approach. 

Moreover, REI even offers a return policy in case your pedal boat doesn’t work per your expectations. However, all the pedal boats you will find here are pretty expensive, which might not be suitable if you’re on a budget. 


Cabela is an outdoor retailer with a physical presence, so you can easily visit them in person and inspect different pedal boats. Also, you can find a variety of pedal boat options in different price brackets here. However, just like REI, the higher prices are a huge put-off. 

The pedal boat outdoor retailers aren’t just limited to this. But you can also find more in your area by simply searching outdoor retailers near me or pedal boat retailers near me on the internet.

Bass Pro Shop

Bass Pro Shop is also a one-stop shop for recreational equipment, including pedal boats. You can find a variety of models in different colors and features to suit your needs.

Moreover, they also have physical shops to facilitate in-person quality checking of the product before delivering it to your location. However, the rates are slightly higher and they might charge an extra amount for delivery, depending on your location.

Directly From Pedal boat Manufacturers

Many pedal boat manufacturers directly sell their products on their official websites. And a few even have a physical presence, so you may find one locally to visit and inspect the boat yourself. The best part is that buying directly from the manufacturer can cost you relatively lower. Some of the common options include: 


It’s a Canadian company with years of expertise in manufacturing outdoor equipment like pedal boats & paddle boats, kayaks, surfboards, etc. You can find a variety of these watercraft types here at different price points to suit your needs and budgets. 

However, it’s only economical for Canadian residents. If you reside outside the country, the shipping costs might even be higher than the price of the boat itself. 

Sun Dolphin 

This American company also features top-quality pedal boats at highly economical rates. Additionally, you can also avail of their free shipping, which applies to a number of products. 

However, you might face issues with Sun Dolphin customer service as it’s pretty slow in responding to queries. Sun Dolphin also manufactures trolling motors for pedal boats, but there are better options in the market as compared to this company. Also, if you’re renting a pedal boat then most probably you will get Sun Dolphin models available at the waterparks or lakes.

Perception Kayaks 

Perception Kayaks is also an American outdoor equipment company that specializes in manufacturing and selling kayaks. But you can also find high-quality pedal boats here. 

The best part about this brand is that its products are highly durable and last for several years. But the platform doesn’t feature a wide collection of pedal boats. So you might have issues finding the one that you need. 

You can use a similar approach as outdoor retailers to find pedal boat manufacturers in your area. Simply type (brand name) near me, and you will have a list of options to choose from. 

Local Pedal Boat Dealerships and Marinas

It’s also a good idea to consider buying a pedal boat from a local boat dealership or marinas that sell these watercraft. Some advantages of using this service include: 

  • Boat dealerships service the equipment before selling them. 
  • You can also get some expert advice regarding top pedal boat brands, as dealerships are highly knowledgeable in this field. 
  • This approach can help you simplify the warranty work of your pedal boat as dealer shippers work as a middleman to handle all the necessary procedures. 
  • Dealerships also help arrange boat financing. 

However, before you trust any dealership or marina-based seller, it’s important to consider a few things to ensure their credibility. These include the standards of their service department, marine industry certifications, etc

If you fail to research properly, the dealership seller can scam you. Moreover, they carry only a few brands or models of pedal boats, which may limit your options. 

Where to Buy Used Pedal Boat – Secondhand Marketplaces

For those who have a tight budget, considering a secondhand marketplace to purchase boats is an excellent option. You can find multiple such platforms where people sell their used watercraft, including:

  • Facebook
  • Craigslist 
  • eBay
  • SearchTempest 
  • OfferUp
  • LetGo

Besides a lower price point, you can also find a variety of pedal boat models from different brands through this approach. Moreover, unlike new boats, these are available for immediate purchase. So if you need urgent delivery, these platforms can be a blessing in disguise. 

But with so many benefits come a few drawbacks as well. By trusting sellers on these secondhand marketplaces, you might compromise on quality. The boats are likely to have minor wear and tear, which may affect their long-term performance. 

Moreover, there is no warranty; hence when you purchase once, the product’s all technical fixes are completely on you. 

Fortunately, you can avoid getting a low-quality product just by following a few tips, including:

  • Research the pedalo’s model and brand you’re interested in purchasing from a secondhand marketplace. This way, you will have an idea of its overall value and common issues. 
  • Make sure you inspect the boat in person for any damage. Also, take a test drive to evaluate its performance. 
  • Don’t forget to ask for the boat’s maintenance records from the seller. So you’ll have an idea of the watercraft’s history and how much upkeep it may require.

Lastly, it’s also important to negotiate the price. You can use any flaw of the boat, prompting the seller to reduce the demanded rate. 

Conclusion – Where to Buy a Pedal Boat

There are several options, like online and outdoor retailers, secondhand marketplaces, direct manufacturers, and even dealerships for your ‘where to buy a pedal boat’ query.

All you need to do is consider the pros and cons of all to consider the one that aligns best with your needs. After all, you need to get the most out of your investment by purchasing a durable and functional pedal boat. 

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