Old Town Next Canoe Review

Do you know that Old Town Next Canoe is the lightest solo canoe? Beyond shedding weight, the model sparks a flair of innovation among watercraft by featuring a hybrid design.

The Next Canoe by Old Town is basically a cross between kayak and canoe. Since its release, the watercraft has ignited conversations within the industry.

But with the rising popularity of this hybrid vessel, a burning question remains: Is the old town next canoe worth the hype or just a mere trend?

To uncover the truth, our team of experts tried our hands on this hybrid model. So what’s the result? Well, we are going to release that in this extensive Old Town Next Canoe review.

So be with us till the end!

Key Takeaways of Old Town Next Canoe Review

Old Town Next Canoe is a hybrid watercraft that blends a kayak and canoe innovatively.

It’s designed for solo paddling and can be propelled with the help of single-bladed or dual-bladed paddles.

Being 53 lbs in weight, the old town canoe is available at a cost of $999.

Specifications of Old Town Next Canoe

The Old Town Next canoe is a unique hybrid craft designed to blend the characteristics of both a canoe and a kayak. Weighing 53 lbs, the Next offers a lightweight option for adventurers. 

Old Town Next Canoe

Moving forward, its impressive weight capacity of 450 lbs ensures ample space for canoeing accessories and provisions. Crafted with quality in mind, the Old Town Next canoe is available at an MSRP of $999.

Here’s a chart addressing the tech specs of the old town’s next canoe:

Capacity450 lbs
Hull Weight53 lbs
Material3-layer polyethylene

Key Features of the Old Town Next Canoe

Our team of experts tested the Next Canoe with the help of a few specialized methods. From the rigorous examination, we found a few exceptional features of this innovative model that are worth knowing before making a purchase.

Old Town Next Canoe

Here’s the list of those key features:

  • Design: The Next Canoe, as mentioned, strikes a perfect balance between a kayak and a canoe. Typically, the model is pointed at both ends and features a round-bottomed hull. The hull’s cutting bow adds a touch of speed to the mix.
  • Material and Construction: This hybrid canoe features a long waterline combined with a subtle rocker that results in exceptional tracking and maneuvering capabilities. The pronounced canoe keel assists in maintaining stability, making it suitable for both calm waters and more dynamic conditions.
  • Storage: The canoe’s design takes storage needs into consideration. With a roomy center compartment, paddlers can easily stow essentials for quick access. However, the Next lacks when it comes to dry storage options.
  • Weight Capacity: With an impressive weight capacity of 450 lbs, the Old Town Next accommodates both paddlers and their gear comfortably. This capacity ensures that you can embark on extended trips without worrying about overloading the canoe.
  • Hull: The hybrid design of the Next enables versatility in paddling styles. It can be efficiently propelled using both single-bladed and double-bladed paddles. You could also install a trolling motor to avoid physical exhaustion.
  • Handles: This watercraft contains conveniently positioned handles on the bow and Stern, which in turn, facilitates ease of navigation. These handles contribute to the overall user-friendly design of Next.
  • Center Compartment: One practical feature in the Next model by Old Town is the center compartment. It allows you to store essential gear or amenities that might be needed during long lake outings or canoe camping.
  • Buoyancy: The Old Town Next Canoe, as tested by our experts, provides remarkable buoyancy. And that’s all due to its engineered hull shape. It enhances safety while navigating rough water conditions.
  • Paddler Experience Level: While being visually attractive, the Next Canoe caters to both novice and expert paddlers. It’s comfortable seating, stability, and versatile paddling options make it ideal for various skill levels.
  • Solo Performance & Tandem Capability: The Old Town Next Canoe enables paddlers to enjoy a solo boating experience. Though it’s a bit difficult to paddle alone, there are other alternatives available such as installing an canoe outboard motor.
  • Portability and Tracking: Despite its 13′ length, the Next remains manageable in terms of weight. This makes it convenient for canoe transportation. With regard to tracking, the hull design allows for straighter courses, even in windy conditions.
  • Movable Seating System: The kayak-style moveable seating system caters to individual preferences. In addition, the adjustable seats support propulsion, allowing for efficient paddling.
  • Maintenance and Care: While Next’s polyethylene construction offers durability, proper maintenance is essential for long-lasting performance. For that reason, you have to perform routine care and storage to preserve the canoe’s quality and functionality.

Pros & Cons of Old Town Next Canoe

As far, as you know, a few key features and specs of Old Town Next hybrid watercraft. Now it’s time to have a look at some pros and cons devised by our team of experts.

Old Town Next Canoe

For your ease, we have created a chart addressing a few major pros and cons of Old Town Next Canoe Review:

What I liked
  • Unique hybrid design for versatile paddling
  • Adjustable seating system
  • Excellent maneuverability and tracking
  • High-weight capacity for gear and provisions
  • Suitable for both novice and pro paddlers
What I don’t Liked
  • Relatively heavy for solo use
  • Lack of dry storage
  • Issues in seating attachment

Performance on Water

The Old Town NEXT canoe offers a unique blend of kayak and canoe characteristics, providing a versatile experience on different waterways. To determine its performance on different waterways, our experts perform rigorous testing.

Here’s what we have to mention after trying Next Canoe on different water bodies.


The NEXT’s stable structure and manageable size make it an ideal option for lake use. Its impressive initial and secondary stability offers paddlers the confidence to navigate tranquil waters without feeling unsteady. 

Looking ahead, the canoe’s strong ability to maintain a straight course, attributed to its keel line, ensures that it remains on track even when encountering wind. The open design of the boat and the comfortable seating enable hours of enjoyable paddling in peaceful lake settings.

Old Town Next Canoe


Bringing the NEXT onto rivers highlights its maneuvering capabilities. The boat’s skill in navigating winding rivers and handling minor turbulence is notable, thanks to its hull design akin to that of a kayak.

Beyond that, the distinct keel amplifies its turning capacity, granting paddlers the ease of maneuvering through narrow channels and small swirling currents. In essence, the balance between agility and stability proves advantageous in river settings.

Oceans and Bays:

While not intended for rough ocean waters, the NEXT can excel in calm ocean bays. Its hybrid construction offers reasonable resistance to wind, and the canoe’s stability permits comfortable exploration.

The adaptable seating system, catering to both single and double-blade paddling, makes it versatile for canoeing in different ocean conditions. Additionally, paddlers can enjoy leisurely trips, benefiting from the boat’s user-friendly entry and exit features.

Best Use Cases for Old Town Next Canoe

The NEXT shines in several key use cases, providing an enjoyable and efficient water experience.

Here are a few major ones:

Recreational Exploration: The NEXT excels as a recreational vessel, perfect for leisurely exploration of calm waters, slow-moving rivers, lakes, and bayous. Its stability and roomy design make it an ideal choice for those seeking to relax while paddling and taking in their surroundings.

Fishing Adventures: For fishing enthusiasts, the NEXT offers a stable platform to cast a line and reel in the catch of the day. With its ample weight capacity and roomy cockpit, anglers can bring along their gear and have enough space to move around comfortably.

Old Town Next Canoe

Comfortable All-Day Paddling: Thanks to its innovative Element Seating System, the NEXT boasts a comfortable and ergonomic seat that supports paddlers during extended trips. This feature, coupled with the boat’s versatile paddling options, including single and double-bladed strokes, allows for smooth and enjoyable all-day paddling experiences. 

Photography and Wildlife Observation: The NEXT’s stability and ease of use make it an excellent choice for wildlife photographers and nature enthusiasts. The open-top design provides ample room to capture stunning shots of wildlife, and the comfortable seat allows for long periods of observation without discomfort.

Campsite Access and Exploration: The NEXT’s compact size, along with its storage capacity and easy getting into the canoe and exit, make it a valuable asset for camping and exploration trips. Paddlers can load up their gear and essentials, whether for a day trip or a weekend adventure and confidently navigate waters to access remote campsites and explore hidden corners of water bodies.

Scoring on Different Factors:

The Old Town NEXT canoe has garnered attention as a hybrid design that aims to bridge the gap between traditional canoes and kayaks.

Here are scores of NEXT canoe on different aspects given by our experts:

Design and Comfort9/10
Performance and Handling8.5/10
Stability and Capacity9.5/10
Storage Facilities8/10
Overall Rating8.8/10

4 Alternatives of Old Town Next Canoe

Here are some Old Town Next Canoe alternatives: 

1. Pelican Explorer 14.6 DLX Canoe

The Pelican Explorer 14.6 DLX Canoe is a true gem for outdoor enthusiasts! It’s a fantastic alternative to the Old Town Next Canoe. The durability of its RAM-X construction, coupled with its spacious interior and comfortable seating, makes it an ideal choice for solo adventurers or duos. 

Glide effortlessly through calm waters while appreciating the stability and control this canoe offers. The integrated storage options are a lifesaver for stowing away gear. 

2. Esquif Adirondack Canoe

Seeking a canoe that mirrors the Old Town Next’s versatility? Look no further than the Esquif Adirondack Canoe. With its remarkable combination of agility and performance, it’s perfect for both serene lake paddling and exciting river runs. 

Crafted from the sturdiest T-Formex material, this canoe can withstand bumps and scrapes without missing a beat. The adjustable seating adds an extra layer of comfort, ensuring you’re ready for hours of exploration. 

3. Nova Craft Fox 14 Canoe

Experience canoeing like never before with the Nova Craft Fox 14 Canoe! If you loved the Old Town Next, you’ll be delighted by Fox’s similar hybrid design that effortlessly blends the features of a canoe and kayak. Its compact size makes it a breeze to steer the canoe, while the carefully crafted hull ensures stability and responsiveness. 

Plus, the ash wood webbed seats bring a touch of classic elegance to your adventures. Unleash your inner paddler with the Nova Craft Fox 14!

4. Wenonah Fusion Canoe

For those in search of a canoe that harmonizes modern innovation with traditional design, the Wenonah Fusion Canoe is a must-consider alternative to the Old Town Next. The sleek and streamlined build offers a seamless blend of efficiency and style. 

Whether you’re tackling quiet lakes or gentle rivers, the Fusion’s exceptional performance and tracking will not disappoint. The sliding bucket seat grants you customizable comfort, ensuring you’re ready for whatever the water throws your way.

FAQs – Old Town Next Canoe Review

What colors are available?

Currently, the Next watercraft is available on Amazon in only blue color. You can check out the official site of Old Town or boat retailers to get a variety of hues.

Is it suitable for a single-blade or a double-blade paddle?

The Next Canoe by Old Town is suitable for both single-blade and double-blade paddles. As a result, you can enjoy waterways while having a variety of propulsion.

Is it made in the USA?

Yes, the Next Watercraft is made in Maine, United States of America. All the boats by Old Town are manufactured in the US.

Do they offer a manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes, the manufacturer of NEXT Canoe offers a lifetime warranty. However, you need to purchase the boat from official sources to avail that advantage.

Can I add outriggers to it?

Yes, the Old Town Next canoe can be fitted with DIY canoe outriggers or from the mareket, to enhance stability, making it more suitable for fishing or calm waters. However, you need to make sure outriggers are compatible with your canoe’s design.

How does it work with trolling motor, and which model is suitable?

The Next canoe supports trolling motor use through its built-in motor mount. Our experts recommend a transom-style trolling motor, as it will provide a smoother experience to get your boat going on the waterways.

Is this boat suitable for a 6’4 person in terms of handling and paddling?

Next canoe’s design caters to various body sizes. Its open cockpit and adjustable seating ensure comfort and maneuverability for individuals of different heights, including those who are 6’4”.

Can I add a child passenger seat to it?

No, the Next Canoe is designed for solo paddling, so you can’t take your child along. For dual or family outings, you should consider other options.

Can I store this canoe outside without damaging it?

It’s recommended to store the Next canoe indoors or under cover to protect it from prolonged exposure to the elements. While it’s designed for durability, storing it outside could lead to faster wear and potential damage over time.

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