Perfect Pedal Boat Date Ideas

Best Pedal Boat Date Ideas: Since, you know boating is what I love the most, but I found my real love, Sarah,  almost 4 years ago. I was looking for a date idea which sounds as interesting as I want. But unfortunately,  I found no exciting venue or new suggestions. 

Because I want to go with something other than the traditional dating ideas; they don’t have any thrill left in them. It has become dull, repetitive, and stale. If you’re an avid adventurer that most probably, you’ll relate to my ideas.

However, my interest was piqued when I stumbled upon an advertisement for pedal boat dating. It suddenly hit me that the perfect date idea was right at home. 

I know you’re getting bored with my personal story, but now let’s get into the details of how to perfectly execute the pedal boat date idea with your partner.

What to Bring With You on a Pedal Boat Date With Your Partner?

must have items for pedal boat date

Keep in mind that pedal boating is an outdoor activity. You will need many things at the venue. Therefore, to make it easy for you, I am writing about all the possible accessories you will need to carry along with you. These are; 

Sunscreen and Sun Protection

For outdoor activities, sunscreen is vital. You may get sunburn, rashes, or itching on the exposed areas, which may ruin your romantic date. 

Sunglasses and Hat

Sunscreen is not enough. You won’t have enough time to reapply it on the boat. Hence, wearing a hat or sunglasses is wise to enjoy the date.

Water and Snacks

Take your water bottles and snacks with you on the boat. Otherwise, you may have to return to the shore for water and food.


Towels are essential for a picnic. You will need it to either dry out the sweat or a water splash, which you get from your partner. 

Life Jackets (Usually Provided By The Rental Company)

If you rent a boat, the authorities will give life jackets to you. But if you’re carrying your boat, you must bring a life jacket as nature is unpredictable.

Dry Bag or Waterproof Container

You will need bags to carry your water and snacks. Try to carry waterproof containers. It will give better protection to your stuff.

Cushions For Added Comfort

The boat seats are usually hurting when you sit on them longer. You can carry your soft cushions, giving you a soft, cozy sitting. 

How Pedal/Paddle Boat Date is a cool idea?

I’m sure that you haven’t heard of Pedal/paddle boat dating ideas before. It isn’t that you must be a water person and pedal boat fishing enthusiast to follow this idea. Here are some benefits that I realized during my pedal boating date with Sarah: 

Enjoyable Outdoor Activity

Boating is an enjoyable experience; you can not get bored of it. The outdoor environment brings positive energy, which will help you strengthen your bond with your loved ones.

pedal boat date ideas

Scenic Views & Fresh Air

Whether you choose a lake, swimming pool, or river for the date, you will get scenic visuals in all cases. No venue is more beautiful than calm, blue water, warm sun, and cold breeze. 

Fun And Unique Experience

Pedal boat dating is a familiar idea but a unique experience as well. You will have too much fun while pedaling with your loved one in a romantic environment. Also, your companion will appreciate the uniqueness of your plan.

Novelty Factor

Only a few people including me chose pedal boat dating; some fear water and others like traditional ideas. Therefore, you also get a novelty factor in it.

Affordable Option For a Date

It costs little compared to its benefits and quality, like the beautiful scenes, fresh air, and healthy date option. You can afford it at the cost of standard boating charges.

Accessible to Most People

Pedal boat date is an easily accessible idea. You will find either lakes, rivers, or water pools with boating facilities in your city or any nearby city.

What Not to Do on a Pedal Boat Date?

You can get butterflies in your stomach; it’s your date. To help you with this, I am writing everything you should avoid on the pedal boat date. Honestly, I’m writing this from personal experience so you don’t get embarrassed, that too in the middle of a lake. 

Get Excessively Drunk: 

Don’t drink too much; you may lose your feet control and will become unable to pedal the boat. Secondly, you will feel like peeing, which you don’t like

Refuse to Wear a Life Jacket: 

What to wear on a pedal boat during your date not only affects your looks but will also decide the safety standards you’re following. If you don’t wear a life jacket, you won’t be able to face any unacceptable situation. You will risk your and your pattern’s life at risk.

There’s a debate between pedal boat vs kayak, that which one is safe, so pedal boating is hands down one of the safest forms of pedal boating. While kayaking is a bit technical and could be hectic as it requires you to paddle with arms but it offers completely new adventure.

Play Loud or Offensive Music: 

Loud music can hinder your communication with your pattern, and offensive music will not be appreciated by your partner and can lead you into trouble. 

Toss Litter or Other Objects into the Water: 

Whether on a date or any ordinary picnic, don’t throw the trash into the water; pollution harms the water animals. 

Ignore Basic Boating Rules and Regulations: 

Don’t neglect the boating rules. These are specially implemented for your protection. Moreover, it will only portray your negative image in front of your partner. For example, you violate the pedal boat weight limit by loading excessive stuff or equipment. It can result in some really bad experiences.

Best Time For Pedal Boat Date

You can enjoy boating in any weather. It depends upon the intensity of the climate in your area. However, it is an outdoor activity where you will face the sun throughout the day; spring would be the best time.

pedal boat date ideas

In this weather, dull and warm sunshine, beautiful plants on the shore, and chirping bird sounds will add more colors to your date. 

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

How do I dress for a pedal/paddle boating date?

The dressing is ultimately a subjective choice. Everyone likes different clothes with different types of jewelry. Be careful whether you’re on a panel or paddle boat dating. It differs from ordinary dating, so your dress should also be different. Also, there are many different types of pedal and paddle boats, so make sure that you choose only what suits your requirement and style. Wear something informal picnic attire without your favorite bracelets or studs. 

Can I bring my pet on a pedal boat tour?

Some boat rentals allow pet dogs; they also provide suitable pet accessories. But some don’t have pet facilities. If they allow it, then you can carry it. But remember that your pet may cause distraction in your romantic moments. 

Can I cancel or reschedule a pedal/paddle boat rental if needed?

Rental agencies give you an agreement paper before finalizing the booking. Read that thoroughly; you will find all the rescheduling terms and conditions. If they have lenient rules, then you can reschedule it.  It’s wise to not cancel or reschedule unless an emergency happens because your partner may perceive you as arrogant. 

Wrapping Up  –  Pedal Boat Date Ideas

Dating on a watercraft is an exciting and thrilling idea. It has so many positive aspects. You can make full of it by following my basic guidelines, which I have written exclusively for you. Surprise your loved ones with a pedal/paddle boat date and make your bond stronger.

Let’s unwind with the magic of the river!

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