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One sunny morning, as I and Sam were preparing for our next aquatic adventure when a disaster struck. The propeller on our pedal boat broke beyond repair. 

Of course, it was a moment of disappointment, as we thought how could we continue our peaceful escapade without this essential component? 

From there started our hunt for pedal boat parts. We searched everywhere from our boat’s brand’s site to platforms selling refurbished propellers. But we had no luck; then we skimmed through a few third-party platforms, finally making our hunt successful. 

In the course, we realized that there are several platforms that sell pedal boat parts at varying rates. To help you save time, we have curated this guide which will help when your boat’s part faces a challenge. Let’s get started. 

Comparison of Pedal Boat Brands and Their Parts Availability

BrandParts AvailabilityMy Experience
PelicanGoodPelican offers a range of replacement parts for their pedal boats, including pedals, drive units, and rudders. Some parts may only be available for newer models.
Sun DolphinFairSun Dolphin offers replacement parts for their own brand of pedal boats, but the selection may be limited and some parts may be difficult to find for older models.

Pelican Pedal Boat Parts Availability & Their Details

Pelican is known as one of the most reliable outdoor equipment manufacturers and sellers in the industry. The best part about this brand is its extensive collection of pedal boats along with other watercraft like kayaks, paddle boards, etc. 

pelican pedal boat

Moreover, its customer support services are also top-notch. You can just ping them online with your query; the experts will be back with a professional solution in almost no time. 

Other than that, Pelican is also renowned for offering long-term warranties, covering different pedal boat parts. So in case any of your watercraft’s components go through a glitch in that specific period, its repair or replacement will be on brand. 

But what if you want to replace a pedal boat part after the warranty becomes void? The brand’s marketplace features different types of components at highly fair rates. 

If you simply ask me how to prevent your boat from any possible damage, then you’ve to carefully transport pedal boat everytime. Because most of the time, boats can get damaged while loading and offloading.

Email Pelican: 

In order to get your desired part, you just need to shoot an email to the brand’s official address, i.e., [email protected]. Make sure to include the model number and picture of your boat. Moreover, it’s also important to mention specific details about the replacement parts that you need. 

They can even suggest some closely compatible components if the one you require isn’t available in the market. Also, if you need any part related to pedal boat fishing, then you might have to install from aftermarket, because there are many fishing related features which are not added into the pedal boats.

Note: If you own a Pelican boat, try finding its replacement parts on Amazon. Many brands are selling them on the online marketplace. But you must do proper research before investing money in one. 

Sun Dolphin Pedal Boat Parts Availability & Their Details

Sun Dolphin is also a top-notch pedal boat manufacturing and selling brand. But it’s slightly behind Pelican when it comes to pedal boat parts replacement. 

The marketplace features only limited pedal boat parts, and it’s likely to not find the desired component here. It’s because they only feature 2 types of pedal boat covers and a replacement canopy. 

sun dolphin pedal boat

However, if your damaged boat is within the warranty period, you can email them to claim the repair. Otherwise, it’s better to look for an alternative service for finding your desired pedal boat components for replacement. 

Water Wheeler Pedal Boat Parts Availability & Their Details

Water Wheeler is a popular watercraft brand offering high-quality pedal boats along with its replacement parts. The best thing about these components is that they are specifically designed to fit the boats of this brand. This promotes maximum compatibility and easy installation.

Moreover, there is a guarantee about the durability of pedal boat parts from this brand. They last for a longer period, which can be especially crucial for key components like the propeller, pedals, and drive units of the boat. 

However, when you are navigating the Water Wheeler marketplace, make sure you don’t have budget constraints. It’s because this brand is comparatively expensive. And you may not find parts of its outdoor equipment from any third-party source. 

Other Places That Sell Pedal Boat Parts

If you have no luck finding replacement parts from the boat’s original brand, trying a few third-party platforms can help. It’s because they usually buy the closeout inventory from the manufacturing brand or product parts on their own.

In both cases, this might be the last option to get your pedal boat up and running again. Some such platforms are: It’s an online site that specializes in offering parts of different watercraft, including pedal boats. You can explore its marketplace to find the desired product and order it if it’s available in stock. 

TG Watersports: You can find several kayaks, canoes, pedals, surf, and sup board-related accessories on this online platform. It even features accessories for these water equipment belonging to different brands, including Pelican and Water Wheeler.  

eBay: eBay’s marketplace is also a potential place where you can find branded pedal boat parts on sale. It even offers free shipping on several products, so it’s a win-win situation for you. 

WestMarine: It’s a comprehensive platform where you may find various pedal boat replacement parts. These include anchors, motors, engine systems, etc. You can even visit its local store for in-person purchases. 

List of Common Pedal Boat Parts Available Online

A pedal boat is made of several different components that combine to ensure its proper functionality. Some of the replacement parts you can find online include: 

  • Pedals 
  • Rudder 
  • Propeller 
  • Drive unit 
  • Hull plug 
  • Seat cushion 
  • Canopy 
  • Anchor 
  • Paddle 
  • Pedal boat cover 

How to Identify the Right Pedal Boat Parts for Your Boat?

There are two major factors to consider when selecting replacement parts for your pedal boat, i.e., compatibility and performance. Each pedal boat has unique specifications, and using the wrong parts can result in improper fitment and functionality issues. Therefore, identifying the right parts ensures compatibility with your specific make and model. 

Moreover, correct parts contribute to optimal performance and safety. Using the appropriate parts guarantees that your pedal boat operates efficiently and reduces the risk of accidents or malfunctions. 

Here are some tips to help you in the process: 

  1. Refer to the Manufacturer: Consult your pedal boat’s manufacturer or the owner’s manual for accurate information about compatible parts. They can provide specific part numbers, and diagrams, or even direct you to authorized dealers.
  2. Research Online: Explore websites and online marketplaces dedicated to marine or boating supplies. Use the make and model of your pedal boat as a search criterion to find the relevant parts. Read product descriptions, reviews, and specifications to ensure compatibility.
  3. Seek Professional Assistance: If you’re uncertain about identifying the correct parts, consult a local marine supply store or a professional boat mechanic. They have expertise in identifying and sourcing the right parts based on your pedal boat’s make and model.

Common DIY Pedal Boat Repairs

If you are wondering if can you replace the pedal boat on your own, the good news is that you can. Many pedal boat issues can be fixed through DIY with just a set of few mechanical skills. Some common ones include: 

  • Replacing a broken pedal 
  • Repairing a leak or crack in the hull 
  • Fixing a damaged seat or backrest
  • Replacing worn-out cables or steering parts 

Besides following the right techniques, you will also need the necessary tools to carry out these processes. Moreover, it’s equally important to follow the instructions provided in the boat’s manual. 

If you are reluctant about your ability to perform a repair, we recommend you consult a professional. An unprofessional attempt can lead to further damage to the watercraft or potential safety risks. 

How to Save Money on Pedal Boat Parts?

Some tips that may help you save a few bucks on pedal boat parts replacement are: 

  • Consider multiple parts sellers to compare prices of all. It’s important to ensure you get the best deal. Moreover, prioritize brands that offer discounts and promotional deals. 
  • Buying used or refurbished parts on Craigslist or eBay can cost you a lot less than brand-new ones. 
  • You can also check the local marines and boating clubs for potential discounts on pedal boat parts. They can even recommend to you some affordable suppliers. 
  • Considering generic pedal boat parts is also a cost-effective idea. Although it may trade off the quality, you can at least be able to repair your boat at reasonable rates. 


In the quest to find pedal boat parts, whether it’s a simple repair or an ambitious upgrade, this comprehensive guide serves as your compass. With its assistance, you’ll navigate the vast ocean of possibilities, ensuring smooth sailing for your pedal boat adventures.

FAQs – Finding Pedal Boat Parts

How often do I need to replace pedal boat parts?

This depends on various factors like how you maintain your pedal boat, How To Maintain A Pedal Boat, and the quality of the original parts. Generally, we recommend you inspect and replace any worn or damaged parts annually or as required. 

How can I tell if my pedal boat parts need to be replaced?

Some signs that indicate you must replace pedal boat parts include signs of wear out like cracks, corrosion, or excessive play in the watercraft’s joints and connections. Moreover, the decreased performance of the boat may also be alert for parts replacement. 

Are there any safety concerns with using replacement parts?

Safety concerns may arise if the parts you have replaced aren’t compatible with your boat’s model. This may also occur due to using inferior-quality components. 

How can I prolong the lifespan of my pedal boat parts?

Make sure you clean and lubricate the pedal boat’s moving parts and store it properly to avoid exposure to harsh external elements. Similarly, never cross the watercraft’s optimum weight limit since the excessive force on the pedal can put extra stress on other parts of the boat. 

What if my pedal boat was damaged during shipping?

If your pedal boat arrived damaged at your location, take a picture of the flawed part and email the shipping company instantly. The brand’s customer support service may guide you through the process of filing a claim and arranging for repairs or replacement. 

Follow their provided guidelines and also ensure to provide the necessary documentation to resolve the issue promptly. 

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